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Office Relocation— Voice & Data Cabling Checklist

Are you planning for an office relocation in New York and New Jersey? Whatever the reason of your move into your new location, it is just important to ensure your seamless business operations without any delay or downtime.

Imagine your first day at your new office without a well functioning voice and data network or a fast Internet connection. Telecommunications are the lifeblood of any businesses. If your voice and data systems aren’t working and your phones aren’t ringing in your new office then you can’t operate.

Unfortunately, mediocre technology, outdated cabling infrastructure and spotty connectivity are problems that plague the productivity of businesses around the world. So when you are planning for an office relocation, it is important to understand your existing voice and data cabling infrastructure. You also need to assess the new premise to ensure that your new location has everything you need for your business operations.

Voice & Data Cabling Checklist

Regardless of the size of your business, when you need to relocate your voice and data cabling systems or IT systems, you need to have a checklist that will help you ensure a successful move.

  • Determine what will be needed in the new premise, including voice, data, network, and security.
  • Visit your new office location with your service provider to understand your cabling infrastructure.
  • Schedule your office relocation after office hours or at weekends to minimize downtime and delays.
  • Confirm whether your new office supports structured cabling, if required.
  • Create a detailed move plan with timelines and responsibilities.
  • Determine what equipment is and isn’t required in the new office.
  • Evaluate the benefits of upgrading your existing cabling infrastructure to be up the speed with latest bandwidth.
  • Create a robust business continuity plan and necessary data backups in case you encounter unexpected problems during the move.
  • Negotiate and with a professional company for network cable services in NJ  or NY to ensure that you are getting the bestvalue possible.

Upgrading Your Cabling Infrastructure

Your business voice and data cabling infrastructure is a long term investment which means you should never compromise on the quality. And with new technology changing so rapidly, upgrading your networks and cabling infrastructure with latest bandwidth is very important to provide instant information and solutions to your end-users.

Building codes in New York and New Jersey make it important to remove any old voice and data cabling before replacing it with new cabling infrastructure. Depending on your speed requirements and budget, you may even consider upgrading to fiber optic cabling in NY.

Fiber optic cable installation in NJ offers your business with numerous advantages. One advantage is that fiber optic cables can run for much longer distances. In addition, they can take much less space in cable pathways and offer tremendous bandwidth and transmission speed capabilities.

Though office move can be very stressful, it opens up additional business opportunities and provides an opportunity to review your current equipment and voice and data cabling infrastructure. Once you know what you what you got and need to upgrade, the next thing to do is to contact a professional company to help you with your cabling installation in NY, fiber optic cable repair in NY and other cabling infrastructure upgrades.

A good cabling infrastructure would optimize your business performance and offer and improved your business productivity and profits.

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