Network Cabling and Installation Oct 19, 2017

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Have you ever thougImage titleht about what connects networks and computers to one another? The combination of network cables and associated hardware (hubs, network switches, demarcation equipment) is responsible for the ability of computers to be able to connect and transfer data across intranet and the internet. Today, network cable services in NJ are used for many other purposes apart from computer networking. It can be utilized for carrying video for security camera system, TV and AV (Audio/Visual) applications. Network cables can likewise be used as control cable in building maintenance system and access control systems. Different types of cables can be used for this purpose and they include shielded twisted pair, unshielded twisted pair, coaxial and fiber optic. In some scenarios, one type of cable is used in a network while many are used in other cases. Wireless systems are very common nowadays; however cables are still needed for them to work effectively. Being more reliable and secure are two reasons that make network cabling better than a wireless network.

Before you understand the network cable services in NJ, there is need for you to understand various cables and how they work independently. Each cable is different from one another and the types of cable used for a specific network have to relate to the topography, size as well as protocol of the network. Here are some of the cables that are mostly used for network cabling:

Unshielded/Shielded Twisted Pair -This kind of cable is used for many Ethernet networks and it consists of four set of wire inside. A thick separator also keeps each pair isolated through the cable. Shielded twisted pair with an outer covering that protect against EMI can be used in an application where there is a lot of electromagnetic interference like mechanical space. Those that are commonly used include category 5e, 6, 6A and 7, twisted pair cable is used for many applications such as standard station cabling for computers and VOIP phones, network cameras, wireless access points, access control and building maintenance system. This type of cable is one of the most reliable types, and when used, it reduces network failure compared to other kind of cables.Fiber Optic - Fiber optics cables in NY are mainly used as backbone cable, although it is mostly used as station cable. Backbone cable means that it connects Telecommunication Rooms within a space to each other. It has huge broadband capacities which allow it to carry huge amounts of information at a very fast speed. Fiber cable can also cover a long distance as against copper cable. Because these cables must work very hard and the information travels such distances, there are many layers of protective coating on the cables. Fiber optic cable transmits light as opposed to electric current and requires less power than copper. It is great for high speed and reliable communications. Most of the companies that offer this service likewise offer fiber optic cable repair in NY.


Coaxial Cable - This cable usually falls within the scope of network cabling installation in NY and is used for cable television locations within the environment you are cabling. The service provider will drop off the outdated cable at the entry point and the extension will be run by the contractor to the local telecom closet within the space. The individual station runs will be terminated on a splitter in order to connect the service cable. This cable is covered with coating and has various thicknesses. If the coating is thicker, it will be less flexible. There are some terminations for coax such as crimp, compression and twist. The best of all the method is compression if it is performed correctly. Crimp terminator is likewise reliable and requires the appropriate tool for the specific connector you are using.


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