Things to Consider When Buying Business Phone System Feb 01, 2018

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Whenever you work with companies, they would be able to give you advices on their business phone plans and you will be able to see the benefit of the system for any business organization. One of the toughest decisions to make is to buy a small business phone system. You know there is a need for you to get one, but there are many choices out there from which you can choose from. In addition to this is the probability that your current one is still working. Well, if it is, you will be able to answer calls but it may likewise limit the growth of business because there are new PBX systems with new features which could improve your business. This blog contains 5 essential points which you need to consider whenever you are buying a new small business phone system.

Is the small business phone system future proof? The way the business phone lines are delivered to your premises is changing rapidly with the improvement in technology. We have moved to digital technology from PSTN and there is high tendency that there is a difference between the way phone lines are delivered now compared to the way it was delivered two years ago. Would you want to use the outdated system which was in use two years ago or would you like it to last for a longer period? Make sure you buy one which can be upgraded easily and capable of dealing with various kinds of technologies.

How are you going to pay for the phone system? Do you have a large amount of money which you can use to pay for your small business phone system upfront or would you like to pay it off over a specific period of time? This is because a new system is not cheap.

What level of technical support is offered? The unfortunate thing is that, things might go wrong in some cases and you may be unable to fix them. This is the main reason why you need to buy a phone system that comes along with an associated service agreement so that you will be able to call the company to fix it whenever anything goes wrong.

Can you integrate it with your business phone line bill? There are some business phone providers that would allow you to buy a business phone system and pay it off on your phone bill, but this will be done over a mutually agreed time frame. This can be great for many businesses because it would improve the cash flow and it also implies that you only have to worry about one bill for your telecommunication usage.

How can you use features to boost staff productivity? New business phone systems have outstanding features that would be lacking in the old one. For instance, with a new NEC phone system when an individual rings your office phone number, your mobile and the phone on your desk will ring simultaneously. This implies that your staffs are more productive because they would be able to answer more calls, and if they are a sales team, they would be able to spend more time on the road attending to a potential client.

Is this the perfect time to update your system? If you have been thinking about this for a long time, then the chances are yes. Hopefully some of the points discussed would help in making the best decision.

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